Questions & Answers

Below we have tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, however if you are not satisfied with our FAQ please kindly contact us via phone or email, 021 689 4781 |

Is this a 2 year programme?
Yes it is but you can also attend for just 1 year in either group.
Are the teachers qualified?
Yes – Tracey Bannatyne has a 3 year diploma in Foundation phase education.
Sharon Martin has a Montessori and fine art diploma.
Must my child be toilet trained ?
Yes-all children need to be able to use the toilet independently.
Is UPP a nut free school ?
This depends on whether we have a child attending the school with a nut allergy. If
they do then we will ban all peanut products.
What security measures does the school have ?
We are linked to ADT via our alarm system and are part of the LMRID who do extra
patrols during the day. The staff all wear panic buttons and the gate is locked from
08h45-12h15 and then from 12h45 to when the last child leaves.